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Master Small Stakes Cash Games In One Class

Alex Fitzgerald
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13+ Hours Of Lessons! 

90% of the world's cash game players play $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em live. Sometimes $2/$5. When they play online, they play 50 NL or 100 NL. 

These are GREAT games to play with tons of bad players, but there's a problem.

Most poker training is not designed for these games.

How many times have you watched a training video and thought, "that situation NEVER comes up in my games!"

Or maybe you've thought, "that bluff would never work on the donkeys I play with!"

Well, guess what. You're absolutely right. That training was designed for better players that YOU'RE NOT PLAYING WITH. You need a training product that is right for you. And finally, now, one exists.

In Master Small Stakes Cash Games In One Class, you won't learn the subtle GTO principles you'd need to beat the nosebleed stakes in Macau. You'll learn the strategies you need to help you thrash the bums in your local games. 

Do you hate multiway pots? Do you not know what to do when everybody limps, calls, and tries to hit a bulls*** pair to beat your Aces or Kings?


And learn so so much more...

In Master Small Stakes Cash Games In One Class, you will watch full episodes on moneymaking shortstacking strategies, how to catch bluffers in the act, how to deal with frequent threebetters, how to defend your blinds, how to play heads-up pots, how to play multiway pots, how to deal with limpers, and how to get money out of the tightest players at the table.

AND you'll get a free digital copy of The Myth Of Poker Talent, so you can get intense statistical instruction for online games. Learn how to apply these strategies in deliberate fashion on the digital felt, and destroy those games too!

So what are you waiting for? Act now and start dominating the games YOU ACTUALLY PLAY today!

Buy now and get a FREE copy of The Myth Of Poker Talent, sent as a free gift from D&B Publishing!

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Master Small Stakes Cash Games In One Class

96 ratings
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