How To FINAL TABLE The $50,000 Guaranteed!

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Do you play poker tournaments online?

What do you do when you have 45 minutes in the evening to play poker? You can't play a tournament in that time. Should you just not work on your tournament game?

Wrong. You should be working with me. You should be testing yourself on REAL hands that were played against REAL opponents.

In this 9+ hour 19-episode series, you will be tested on over 350+ situations in a real $50,000 Guaranteed tournament run. You will play the starting stack all the way to the final heads-up match. You will cut through thousands of players. 

Have you ever been dealt a bunch of great hands in a tournament and then NOT even cashed? Have you ever had a serious stack at the beginning of a tournament and then not even gotten close to a final table?

There is a proven method to getting PAID when you get dealt big hands in large-field tournaments. Most people don't know it. But it can be taught. 

In this video series, you will learn how to get SERIOUS VALUE from regular players. You will learn their weaknesses and biases. You will exploit them repeatedly until you're playing for real cash money.

In this series, you will also learn the answers to these questions:

  • How do we beat cold callers in position and out of position?
  • How do we defend our big blind from good regulars who raise in late position?
  • How do we play a maniac when we're out of position?
  • How do we play a maniac when we're in position?
  • How do we get max value from pairs in early stages?
  • What are the easy hero folds that most non-professionals always miss?
  • When should we fold to threebets in position and out of position?
  • What do we do with one pair when we face a turn raise?
  • What does it mean when someone limps the button?
  • How should we respond to a triple barrel?
  • How should we play versus tight players?
  • What does it mean when someone limps in early positon?
  • What do we do when our draw misses versus a psycho?
  • How do we get river value at every opportunity?
  • How should we play small draws in multiway pots?
  • What are some trick bluffs the general public doesn't know about?
  • What should we do with medium pocket pairs that miss the flop?
  • How do we play versus donk leads?
  • How should we play Ace King versus an early position raise?
  • How should we play flush draws on paired boards?
  • When should we resteal in a tournament?
  • How should we play suited aces versus limpers?
  • What postflop bluffs can we use in these kinds of tournaments?
  • When are we forced into a massive shove and when should we back off?
  • How should we defend our small blind versus good players?
  • What do we do when our top pair gets checkraised?
  • When should we steal in early position?
  • When should we steal in late position?
  • What are the thinnest value bets we can make?
  • What does a turn donk lead mean?
  • How do we bluff catch successfully?
  • How do we exploit passive players preflop?
  • How do we play second pair?
  • What does aggression on paired boards mean?
  • What steals and resteals can we do as the big stack?
  • How should we play 30 big blinds to raises?
  • When should we resteal from the small blind?
  • How should we play 20 big blinds to raises?
  • How do we use an aggressive image to get MAXIMUM value?
  • How do we play KQo to raises?
  • How should we play weak straight draws?
  • How should we respond to overbets?
  • How do we play maniacs deep in a tournament?
  • What do we do when we miss with AKo?
  • How do we play small pairs out of position?
  • How do we play second pairs versus shortstacks?
  • When should you steal at a final table?
  • How do you play the big stack at the final table?
  • How should you respond to small blind limpers when you're in the big blind?
  • How should you play the small blind three-handed?
  • How should you play the button three-handed?
  • How do you make more exacting reads postflop when every hand starts heading that direction?
  • What do you do multiway with top pair facing a raise?
  • How do you play a weak top pair out of position?
  • How should we approach heads-up play?
  • What kill shots can we consider heads-up?
  • How should we analyze donk leads heads-up?
  • What bluffs work more often heads-up?
  • How should we respond to checkraises heads-up?
  • How should we play the turn when every hand starts getting to that street?

You'll get 19 30-minute episodes to study!

Episode 1: Introduction, Playing Against Cold Callers, And BB Defense

Episode 2: Playing Maniacs Out Of Position And In Position

Episode 3: Getting Max Value From Pairs And Easy Hero Folds

Episode 4: Missed Draws Versus Psychos, River Value, Small Draws In Multiway Pots, Trick Bluffs, And Middle Pairs Miss The Flop

Episode 5: Facing Turn Raises With One Pair, Button Limpers, Facing Triple Barrels, Playing Nits, And EP Limpers

Episode 6: Facing Donk Leads, AK vs EP Raises, Flush Draws On Paired Boards, Restealing, Suited Aces Vs. Limpers, And Postflop Bluffs

Episode 7: Huge Shoves, Trick Bluffs, Small Blind Defense, And Facing Checkraises With Top Pair

Episode 8: EP Steals, Late Position Steals, Button Resteals, Uber Thin Value, Bluff Catching, And Facing Turn Donk Leads

Episode 9: Exploiting Passive Players Preflop, Playing Second Pair, Big Stack Steals And Resteals, And Facing Paired Board Aggression

Episode 10: Final Two Tables, Playing 30 BBs To Raises, Playing 20 BBs, Using An Aggressive Image, EP Steals, And SB Resteals

Episode 11: Final Table Begins, KQo Vs Raises, Passive Opponents, Facing 3bets And Overbets, Thin Value, Large PFR, And Weak Straight Draws

Episode 12: Playing Maniacs Deep, Missing With AKo, When To Gamble, 2nd Pair Vs A Shortstack, Small Pairs OOP

Episode 13: Final Table Dynamics, Playing Versus The Big Stack, When To Steal At A Final Table

Episode 14: Three-Handed Play, Flop Bets Get Raised, Table Flow, Button Steals, Small Blind Steals

Episode 15: Dealing With Tough Hands, Postflop Floats, Postflop Reads, And Small Blind Limpers

Episode 16: Multiway With Top Pair Facing A Raise, OOP With A Weak Top Pair, Value Betting, River Play, And Heads-Up Strategy

Episode 17: Heads-Up Play, Super Rare Plays, Out Of Position With OESDs And Weak Pairs, Facing Donk Bets, Facing Button Limps

Episode 18: Analyzing Donk Leads Heads-Up, Kill Shots, Bluffs, Turn Play, And Villain Checkraise Analysis

Episode 19: Knockout Punches, What Makes A Truly Great Poker Player, Putting Together Results, And Some Final Thoughts

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How To FINAL TABLE The $50,000 Guaranteed!

28 ratings
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