How To DESTROY Turbo Tournaments!

Alex Fitzgerald
54 ratings

When the blinds keep creeping up on you, what do you do?

Fast-paced tournaments are an ever increasing part of the poker landscape. You can't successfully play tournaments online now without mastering turbos. Additionally, local casino tournaments are played with such short blind levels that they effectively become turbos.

In this NEW video series, Alexander "Assassinato" Fitzgerald enlists tournament warhorse Mike "Strungout1" Wasserman to break down how he wins turbo tournaments left and right. The $1,000,000+ profit-earning grinder demonstrates his method in this never before seen series. 

Over this intense 13-episode run, Alex Fitzgerald and Mike Wasserman discuss the exact strategies Mike used to win the Hot 55 in back-to-back nights last November. Mike takes viewers through every crucial hand and shows how he uses ICMizer to win chips other regs are leaving on the table. Alex Fitzgerald then shows how to use Cardrunners EV and Flopzilla to create postflop plays like the ones Mike Wasserman is using. 

To help the instruction stick, Alex and Mike teach all of the new concepts in a quiz format, ensuring that the lessons are fun and engaging. By the end of this series, you will have a concrete plan to beat any local casino tournament or online turbo tournament.

What are you waiting for?

Note: All videos are available for IMMEDIATE streaming. Downloads are not available at this time. 

54 ratings


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How To DESTROY Turbo Tournaments!

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