How To MASTER Shortstack Play

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In most tournaments we play, we will not have the big stack at the table.

In most tournaments we play, at some point, we WILL have a shortstack.

There are hundreds of ways you can misplay a shortstack, as I’ve learned through trial and error.

If you can’t play a shortstack then you won’t win poker tournaments.

Live players take too long to act. It artificially makes the blind levels shorter. Your stack will get smaller because of this.

Online the structures can be fast as well. This forces us into uncomfortable situations.

If we consistently find creative ways to detonate our tournament then we will not win nearly as much as we should.

But how can we learn to play the shortstack well? Should we just enter hundreds of tournaments and keep making mistakes for thousands of dollars?

No, this is where Mike Wasserman and I come in.

Mike is my friend who has made $1,000,000+ in PROFIT from poker tournaments.

Mike and I recently just did a 15+ hour series about how to play the short stack.

Do you want to know how well he plays a short stack?

Look at these stats from the GG Million Mike won:

Buy in: $50

Entries: 19,014

Finish: 1st

Prize: $86,243.80

You want to know what is the most incredible thing about the nearly $90,000 Mike made in one night?

He did it ALL with the shortstack.

He puts on an absolute clinic in this series. I couldn’t believe all the edges he found that even successful pros miss.

That’s why we decided to call this series:

How To MASTER Shortstack Play!

We recorded the entire series together. I keep the education fun and fast-paced, using my normal testing format.

Mike then takes each hand and shows you how you can improve your own short stack game rapidly to get results like he gets!

We are normally going to sell this package for $597, but for a limited time, you can get this entire short stack master class for $297. 

These lessons are applicable to ANY online or live tournament because ALL poker tournaments feature rapidly escalating blinds!

Do you want to keep crashing and burning with a short stack just before the bubble or right after cashing? Or do you want to WIN?

How many times have you busted a tournament and had NO IDEA how or why you busted? How many more tournaments could you win if you CONSISTENTLY avoided those situations?

If you pick up How To MASTER Shortstack Play today you will learn the answers to all these questions:

Episode 1:

0:30   - What are the keys to tournament success?

12:45 - How to play JJ on a K high flop OOP

25:30 - How do you play A-To incorrectly?

34:00 - When to gamble pre flop on Day 1


Episode 2:

5:45   - When is the best time to use the check/call/lead line?

14:00 - What are the 20 big blind fundamentals?

22:00 - When should you continuation bet small?


Episode 3:

0:15   - When to checkraise paired boards

6:00   - How to use solvers to get better 

15:00 - Why you should get coaching from different players

16:15 - How to study

22:15 - How to master the physical, mental, and tactical game


Episode 4:

2:00   - When to use DEEP double barrel theory

6:15   - How to effectively resteal

9:45   - How to play multiway pots with marginal hands

17:00 - When to limp the button with 20 big blinds effective

30:00 - How to CORRECTLY size your threebets


Episode 5:

1:45   - How to play draws as a short stack

10:00 - How to DOMINATE bubble play

20:30 - How to play monotone boards

30:15 - Bruce Lee’s journal

31:00 - Focus, Feedback, Fix it

34:45 - When to NOT open the button


Episode 6:

2:45   - How to play suited connectors from the small blind

6:00   - When to play a big draw PASSIVELY (This one surprises a ton of people)

11:00 - When to fold the flop after flopping a pair

17:45 - When to NOT defend the big blind!

30:45 - How to BLUFF from the big blind as the SHORTSTACK!


Episode 7:

9:00   - What to do with 10 big blinds in middle position

12:45 - ICM EV vs Chip EV

16:00 - How to defend the big blind with a shortstack!

16:45 - How fold equity CHANGES as a short stack

17:30 - Why players move most but not all of their chips in to the middle


Episode 8:

1:00   - How to find JUICY overlays

3:00   - X-factors that contribute to tournament success

30:00 - How to properly call early position shoves


Episode 9:

0:45  - When to call shortstack shoves from the big blind. It’s different than other positions!

8:30  - When to pass on marginal spots

17:00 - Short stack mastery at its finest


Episode 10:

0:40  - What to open the button with from 15 big blinds

3:45  - How to bluff shortstacks and deep stacks postflop

9:10  - Blind versus blind ICMizer 5BB jam/call ranges

19:15 - How to avoid BAD all-in spots!

24:30 - ICMizer blind versus blind range 7BBs

28:00 - ICMizer AA vs 32 Ratio

32:00 - How to correctly make a mistake in MTTs


Episode 11:

4:00  - When going all in is a HUGE mistake

8:00  - What is the KEY difference between calling off chips versus jamming wide?

14:00 - Accumulated Tilt

22:00 - 20 big blind opening ranges from the button

28:00 - Math of check ranges from the big blind


Episode 12:

0:30  - 3bet/calling versus shoving with AKo (This is crucial!)

6:30  - What to do when the shortstack is all-in

18:15 - How to interpet cold calls in threebet pots

26:45 - When to float out of position in the big blind


Episode 13:

1:45  - 10 Big Blind play from the hijack

15:45 - The value of "red faced" moments

16:45 - Adjusting defending ranges in big blind versus varying open sizings

26:45 - How to SUCCEED in the current poker climate

30:00 - Resistance training and the mental benefits


Episode 14:

0:30  - Calling versus shoving deep in tournaments

4:30  - When to GAMBLE in tournaments

16:15 - How to defend the big blind with a shallow stack

21:00 - How to view early position shoves from the field


Episode 15:

0:15  - Why you should fold the button more!

11:45 - How to play against a river reraise

20:00 - How to lose the minimum with showdown value (Mike critiques his own play in this one)


Episode 16:

0:30  - When to NOT open light on the button

2:30  - When to raise from the big blind versus a small blind limp

10:00 - What to NOT complete from small blind in a limped pot

16:15 - When to NOT flat call a shove with a big hand!

18:30 - When to NOT defend the big blind with a suited hand!

29:00 - When to open to a bigger sizing


Episode 17:

2:00  - Intense range analysis Big Blind vs. Button open

15:00 - When to preserve your stack and when to be aggressive


Episode 18:

1:30  - 10BB jamming ranges from the cutoff

5:45  - Calling off with small pairs with 5 big blinds

6:30  - How to miss in tournaments

11:00 - Jamming ranges over button opens from the big blind

17:30 - When to use exploitative play or GTO play in the end game


Episode 19:

0:30  - How to adjust when the blinds roll back

5:30  - How to get the most out of a poker trip

19:00 - Importance of being composed at final tables

21:45 - Final table strategy in big spots

31:00 - How to figure out who is ghosting your opponent in online poker


Episode 20:

0:30  - How to book rooms for live multi-day tournaments

8:15  - How not to play A2o at a final table

18:15 - How are thin value bets DIFFERENT at final tables?

27:45 - How are multiway pots DIFFERENT at final tables?


Episode 21:

2:00  - When to check range post flop

10:00 - How do you play a final table when the chip leader is to your left!?


Episode 22:

2:45  - When to make BIG FOLDS preflop at final tables!

16:30 - Getting 2.5-1 at an FT in the big blind vs an all-in

18:00 - How to play the small blind versus the big blind chip leader at the final table

29:00 - When to take your foot off the gas at the final table

32:30 - Benefits of folding the button at a final table


Episode 23:

0:15  - How to spot the inexperienced player at a table and EXPLOIT THEM!

3:15  - How to understand your opponents final table button opens

11:15 - How to exploit active players to your LEFT at a final table!

11:45 - Range exploration blind versus blind


Episode 24:

2:45  - When to make tight folds in late position at the final table!

4:00  - What is the collision effect?

8:45  - What is stack utility and how can we exploit it?

22:00 - How to TRAP the CHIP LEADER at the FINAL TABLE!


Episode 25:

8:30  - How calling all-ins at final tables is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT

10:45 - How to cold call an all-in at the final table (or not)

27:00 - One of the sickest hands of all time


Episode 26:

2:00  - How to play against BIG STACKS at the final table!

10:15 - When to make tight folds and how to find other spots to chip up

13:45 - Why math sucks

17:00 - ICMizer deep dive into ICM heavy short handed spot


Episode 27:

0:45  - How to pick spots against aggressive players to distance yourself from the other short stacks

12:15 - When to raise/fold blind versus blind instead of jamming all-in!

21:00 - What dispostions are good for tournament poker

33:00 - How to play limped pots blind versus blind


Episode 28:

1:00  - How to play against shortstacks short handed

7:15  - How to make life awkward for your opponents

8:00  - Deep dive into ICM heavy call off spot

18:00 - How to cooler somone :)


Episode 29:

1:30  - Why people put in half their stack at final tables instead of jamming all-in

5:15  - How to play heads-up with shortstacks!

13:00 - How to play OESDF with short stacks HU


Episode 30:

1:15  - How to play the big blind SHORTSTACKED when you are heads-up!

6:15  - Creative ways to manufacture wins heads-up!

Order now and WIN FOREVER!

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How To MASTER Shortstack Play

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