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Master The Flop 2022

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Master The Flop 2022

Alex Fitzgerald
63 ratings

Bonus: The 2022 version includes 8+ hours of new postflop testing! See how you do on these hundreds of new quiz questions!

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"In my opinion, this is your best content ever!" - Ken Kormanis, student

Hey everybody,

Recently, I have been going through my products a second time. I've done some updates.

Some products, such as Master Tournament Poker In One Class: Special Edition, did not need anything to be updated...because people are not improving at poker and the same tactics still work.

However, Master The Flop is a more detail-oriented product, as it gets into the DNA of flop manipulation. It's a toolbox that helps you deconstruct flop textures for extreme exploitability. It shows you how to do this on several common boards. It gives you cutting concepts to help you manipulate others through hand reading and bet size.

Long story short, I started tinkering with things, drinking coffee, blasting music...and before I knew it I had created sixteen new videos for the package.

I replaced some older sections. I did that because I've taught these concepts hundreds of times, and I know how to deliver the same concepts in a much more brief and impactful way now.

The new sections delve into those classic concepts and expands them.

In the new sections you'll learn:

  • What is the deal with those small bets everyone is using? Are they necessary? In short, YES, they are extremely useful...however they are sorely overused. In this NEW video, you'll learn exactly how you can use small bets to manipulate other players into doing what you want.
  • How can you use BIG bets to manipulate players? People miss these spots all the time now because they're so infatuated with the small bets!
  • How should you play in multiway pots? How do people in tournaments approach these situations? How can you exploit that?
  • How can you get EXTREME value out of position...this line is almost never used or taught!
  • How to exploit all-broadway boards (we didn't tackle this one in the original Master The Flop, so it was super fun to revisit it)

These sections are great additions to what was already a very well-reviewed product.

The training pack is popular because it delves into so many boards that come up CONSTANTLY.

In Master The Flop 2022 you'll learn how to manipulate other players on....

  • Ace high flops with no draw
  • Boards that feature flush draws
  • Straight draw boards
  • Wheel draw boards
  • Boards that come with three of one suit
  • Paired boards
  • Small card boards
  • Turn cards when you have mediocre equity
  • Rivers when you have decent-but-not-great equity

You'll also learn flop, turn, and river manipulation techniques that will pad your stack, including:

  • How to control your opponent through thin turn value betting
  • When to check back a flop for pot control
  • How to think systematically through boards
  • How to use simplified combinatorics to hand read more accurately
  • How to get extreme value postflop

The best part? You can get ALL OF THIS FOR $99 right now, saving yourself $200! But hurry, the sale ends soon!

Bonus: The 2022 version includes 8+ hours of new postflop testing! See how you do on these hundreds of new quiz questions!

Note: All videos are available for IMMEDIATE streaming. Downloads are not available at this time.

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