How To WIN The $250,000 Guaranteed

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How do you make over $50,000 in one single night?

How do you win these online tournaments with thousands of players?

How do you beat today's pros? How do you beat today's recreational players?

If you were trying to become a major league baseball player you would have to go into the batting cage, right? You would need someone to fire 90 mph fastballs and curve balls at you. You would need to practice. You would need to get comfortable with those pitches before you made it to the show.

If you were trying to become a professional boxer you would need to spar, right? You would need to become comfortable with people firing jabs, hooks, and uppercuts at you. You would need to learn how to pace yourself, slip punches, and fire back. You would need to learn what kind of cardio is necessary in order to get through six, eight, 10, or 12 rounds.

Why is playing poker any different?

You have to practice versus live opposition.

Obviously, it would be difficult to get a table together full of eight hired players to play against you. But what you can do is test yourself versus REAL hands that happened versus REAL players.

You can make mistakes in the privacy of your own home and then fix them. Then, when you make it to the big final table you will be able to avoid those same mistakes. Everybody will be wondering how you handle yourself so well. But you will know the truth:

You practiced. You practiced hard. You practiced while others were not practicing. You practiced at home so that in public you could avoid mistakes that cost $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, or $100,000.

Do you want to win one of these online tournaments for $50,000 in 2024? 

Well you are in luck. 

I won the $250,000 Guaranteed. And I am willing to test you on every single hand that happened in that tournament. If you can make it through my rigorous testing then you can win a major tournament of your own.

Why are you not getting the results you want? This series will tell you. You'll find exactly what you do wrong compared to a professional poker player. 

This series contains 34 episodes that span 17+ hours of coaching. You will be drilled on more than 500 questions. Your flaws will be revealed. You will be broken down and then rebuilt again. You will come out of this training program with a REAL game plan that wins REAL majors in 2024.

This series is not for the faint of heart. I am a harsh teacher because I actually want to see you succeed. I hold nothing back. I'm going to tell you my true philosophy on playing poker. I am going to be on your ass if you autopiloted at any point and missed a key opportunity to win. Once I am done you will never be the same.

Normally, 17 hours of private coaching with my newest materials would cost you $5,083. But for just one week you can get this series from me for the price of $197. That is a 95% savings of $4,886.

Are you in?

This package includes...

Episode 1 (36:58):

  • Out of position reverse implied odds early in a tournament
  • Early stage late position opening theory 
  • Who to target early!
  • Bread and butter bets

Episode 2 (36:51):

  • Continuing our attack of the weakest player
  • Implied odds to call a threebet
  • Small blind vs. Big Blind play (range analysis)
  • When to throw in calls early
  • Removing perfectionist/black and white thinking
  • Basic combination counting with Flopzilla

Episode 3 (29:37):

  • Probabilistic thinking in No Limit Hold'em
  • Replacing poor thinking skills with actual probabilistic analysis
  • Dealing with large shoves

Episode 4 (37:05):

  • Hero call analysis
  • Exploiting recreational players taking shots at the beginning of a tournament 
  • Assigning percentages to decisions
  • Pushing back versus vulnerable stack sizes
  • Threebetting from the big blind
  • Cold calling: The risks associated with it and the spots you can make them work
  • Bet sizing theory

Episode 5 (36:27):

  • Threebetting light
  • Playing against maniacs who play back at you
  • How to hand read more effectively

Episode 6 (35:29):

  • Preflop opening size theory
  • Donk betting theory
  • Check raising theory
  • Hand ranging theory

Episode 7 (36:00):

  • Switching back to 2X raises in late position
  • Thinking about your stack in relation to the pot so you can play multiple streets
  • Analyzing opponents for multistreet play
  • The fine line every tournament player must walk
  • Check/raising theory
  • Pot controlling players

Episode 8 (43:01):

  • How to play when you're tired
  • You have to love it when you don't even like it
  • You have to take it one hand at a time
  • What to do if distractions happen during your session such as people talking to you
  • Being grateful
  • Going for thin value

Episode 9 (29:19):

  • Probabilistic thinking versus absolutes
  • How to analyze when you should gamble
  • When to push the envelope more

Episode 10 (34:16):

  • Check/raising theory with Flopzilla combination counting
  • Range evaluation based on villain's chip stacks and stacks he's facing at the table
  • What's the worst hand he raises there? OR what's the best hand he folds
  • Preflop raising ranges
  • Gambling, playing for wins, and the upsides of getting the big stack
  • Threebetting over cold calls 

Episode 11 (30:19):

  • Setting up HUGE pots that you can WIN
  • Checking back flops
  • Small continuation bets vs short stack big blind flatters
  • How to deal with getting bluffed

Episode 12 (34:43):

  • Threebet sizing out of position
  • The two types of players you'll deal with when you threebet light from the big blind
  • Out of position theory
  • Getting ready for the dog fight

Episode 13 (30:12):

  • Workman like poker and taking your time
  • Anticipating consequences
  • When to open more and steal more blinds
  • When to shut it down

Episode 14 (39:18):

  • How to analyze a villain's cold call and make more money
  • Creating reads without a showdown
  • Raising larger to take away the idea of fold equity to a short stack in the blinds
  • Getting value versus a tight player's leaks

Episode 15 (33:45):

  • How to approach playing big pots
  • Facing short stack jams
  • Slow playing
  • What table dynamics allow you to apply pressure
  • Counting outs with flopzilla
  • When to bet turn even if it's unlikely you'll get a fold
  • "Freeroll" bets

Episode 16 (32:16):

  • Identifying how your opponent plays on each street
  • Exploitative bet sizing theory
  • Do you need a big play to win?
  • When to fold the big blind more
  • Donk leading theory

Episode 17 (35:23):

  • When to change gears
  • Check/raising theory
  • Donk leading theory
  • What to do with a chip stack deep
  • Bluff barrelling theory with combination counting and Flopzilla
  • Thinking quickly under pressure 

Episode 18 (30:54):

  • How to not be exploited out of position
  • What will ruin your tournament deep. It's the spots that don't seem so bad!
  • Should you threebet jam or threebet call when you're short?

Episode 19 (38:07):

  • Pressuring tighter big blind players when you are in the small blind
  • Opening theory versus frequent threebetters 
  • Get your money, think value now!

Episode 20 (29:30):

  • Thinking critically under pressure (continued)
  • Bluff targeting and analysis
  • How to get a read on your opponent's hand without a showdown (continued)
  • Opening theory
  • How to never give up your tournament...this is the part of the game where everyone fades. Don't become someone who gives up!

Episode 21 (37:58):

  • Make your deep runs count! Don't give it away!
  • How to calm yourself down when you're rattled
  • Focus, Focus, Focus
  • Playing deep with a short stack
  • Getting out of short stack purgatory
  • Risks with threebets from the big blind deep in tournaments versus shallow stacks and frequent openers

Episode 22 (30:11):

  • Fundamentals versus cowboy poker
  • Blind versus blind theory
  • What poker players like more than money
  • Patience and focus examined 

Episode 23 (38:24):

  • How to be present and attack the final table carefully
  • The key mistake most players make deep in tournament
  • Confirmatory thinking versus exploratory thinking
  • How to avoid autopiloting

Episode 24 (33:52):

  • The hot stove
  • How to carefully apply pressure as the big stack so you can close out the game
  • Critical thinking tactics under pressure (continued)

Episode 25 (36:39):

  • Final table cold calling theory
  • Final table formation analysis and attack
  • Should you let a player limp the button when you're in the big blind? 

Episode 26 (33:35):

  • How to be mentally strong when fatigue sets in 
  • Shorthanded play analysis
  • How to handle a tight player who is suddenly trying to take over the final table
  • How to protect your extremely valuable steal spots in shorthanded play

Episode 27 (29:41):

  • Final table dynamics and theory
  • Tournament stages theory
  • Three-handed play and theory

Episode 28 (39:57):

  • How to develop shorthanded pinpoint reads
  • GTO and exploitative routes of attack
  • Finding large leaks in your opponent's game when they play multiway
  • How to approach the beginning of heads-up play 

Episode 29 (30:27):

  • How to close out a tournament heads-up
  • Heads-up attack theory 
  • How to play the big blind heads-up
  • The value of button folds
  • How to threebet the big blind more versus your opponent's opens
  • What street of play is the most important to analyze for a heads-up match

Episode 30 (34:41):

  • How to mess up your opponent's most common plans for the heads-up match 
  • How to approach 2.5X raises 
  • Adjusting opening frequency on the button depending on our opponent's reaction
  • Why you should pot control early in the match 
  • What hand you should NOT threebet heads-up
  • Out of position theory heads-up
  • How to adapt your heads-up play based on what you see at showdown 
  • How do people play weak and lose heads-up?
  • What do you do when you miss the board after threebetting out of position ?

Episode 31 (36:06):

  • What people are worried about heads-up and why they shouldn't be
  • What to do when you keep missing the board
  • Continuation betting theory heads-up
  • Out of position floats
  • What play can we work in to make sure our bluffs will work later?
  • Why respecting your opponent's strengths is so important 

Episode 32 (29:48):

  • How to play small pairs out of position based on our opponent's play
  • Just keep breathing
  • Don't try to be the maverick
  • How to exploit his changing stack size

Episode 33 (38:34):

  • How to get your opponent to CRACK
  • Why you have to avoid getting short stacked heads-up so much 
  • Stack dynamics and theory
  • How to make the match as difficult as possible for your opponent
  • How to exploit his button limp
  • When to pressure your opponent more
  • Flopzilla analysis
  • Gratitude

Episode 34 (22:56): 

  • Complete recap of our plan to win major tournaments
  • Homework assignments

BONUS: Episode 35!

New bonus episode just added!

Learn how to how to win MAJOR Tournaments!

(It's not how you think!)

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How To WIN The $250,000 Guaranteed

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