How To Final Table EVERYTHING!

Alex Fitzgerald
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How do you win a poker tournament when you can't use statistics? 

Are you planning to play any live tournaments this year?

Does your poker training feature recreational live players? Or does it focus on online situations that won't apply to your games?

Do you play online tournaments on regulated sites? 

Do you play online tournaments on anonymous sites?

Do you notice the players on those sites are generally recreational in nature?

They NEVER fold. 

Did you know that the normal tournament strategies you see on YouTube and training sites can actually DESTROY your results versus recreational players?

Check out the free video posted on this page to learn why you're not getting the results you want versus clearly terrible players.

You know these players can't play. Why are you not winning constantly versus them? 

Are you getting the final tables you want?

What you will learn in that video is that no one has taught you how recreational games are different. 

There are certain plays you can make over and over again at a recreational table that you can't make at a tougher table. 

Someone has to teach you what to look for specifically preflop and postflop. The list of important factors is not short but it's also not unmanageable. It just takes practice to master.

Tons and tons of practice. 

It takes more practice than I could ever explain. 

The way I was taught poker was through vicious coaches. They would show me a hand. They would give me three seconds. They would say to me, "What do you see? Who is the weak player at the table? How do you get to him? Who is in your way? Will they do anything to stop you getting to your guy? Postflop how do you take his money? Do you have to give up if you see X? Do you think that's a bluff? How do you spot that? How do you spot it if it's a hand? Quickly. What does it mean when he does that from that stack? The dealer is motioning for you to act. Do you want to fold? You might need to. Come on. We don't have time. Think."

That was 1% of what I heard. It was brutal. It never ended. I missed details constantly when I started. I messed up plays constantly. 

But the quizzes kept coming. 

Read the table like it's a defensive formation. Don't throw an interception. One interception can cost you the game in No Limit Hold'em. 

Slide after slide. Thousands of formations. Thousands of questions. Go until you're exhausted.

It's brutal. And it works.

It needs to be brutal. There are no do-overs deep in a major tournament. You give away one pot? That likely will be the end of you.

Poker players need to stay sharp. Bad habits develop all the time. Persistent work with a trainer who has been there will get you where you need to go. 

But you MUST practice for the games you actually play. No basketball player practices half-court shots. 

No one folds in your games. Why would you practice elaborate bluffs that you know will never work?

You can't use statistics live. You can't use statistics on your sites. Why would you practice with statistics then?

How do you use the few hands you have with a guy to stomp his ass and take all his chips?

There is a method to making quick reads with little information and then executing. 

You will learn this method in this series. But this training pack is not for the faint of heart. 

You're not going to increase your profit margins within a couple of hours. Mastery takes time. That's why this series is over 25 hours long. There are 50 separate episodes in the pack. 

What would it do for your game if you took a 30-minute poker lesson every morning five days a week?

What would it do for your game if those lessons were tailored for the games you actually play?

For $199 you can get 10 weeks of training from this pack. That's $200 cheaper than the normal price for a limited time.

Five days a week you will get a 30-minute lesson. You will test your skills in REAL games throughout over 600 quizzes. 

This is the best value training money can buy. 

Throughout the 600+ quiz questions and 50 episodes you will play major tournaments and three final tables. You will practice unorthodox situations, early game play, middle stages, and late stage domination. You will play entire tournaments from start to finish. You'll get valuable final table experience with a seasoned professional telling you exactly what to look for. Your poker will never be the same again.

Are you ready to make a commitment to your game?

Watch a free one-hour episode now by clicking on the link above.

If you enjoy the first hour you will love the next 25.

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How To Final Table EVERYTHING!

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